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"The dirndl hairstyle has been an integral part of my business during the Oktoberfest for 15 years when I opened my hairdressing salon at the gates of the Oktoberfest," explains owner Jasmin Kohlmayer of the idea Similar shoot. ? The Viktualienmarkt was launched in 1807 - the Oktoberfest in 1810. For me, both stand for living tradition and a happy get-together. So the idea was born with my pretty girls to stroll through the Viktualienmarkt and quickly inspire the public and stand owners for this sight, ”said the boss of a 10-person team.

For Julia Papouschek and her team from Salon JU Friseure in Sinsheim, one thing counts above all: portability and individuality. Every customer is different - haircut and color should emphasize the personality and individually match the type and face shape. In their current collection, Ju hairdressers show everyday hairstyles buy full lace wigs in which current coloring trends, balayage, baby lights and pastels are picked up and combined with type-appropriate cuts and stylings.

One thing is clear: when it comes to curls, opinions differ - some love them, others hate them. Most of the time, women want exactly what, unfortunately, they don't have by nature: smooth, shiny hair or a mane with curls. Fortunately, there are experts like the hairdresser at Fris? R Klier who can (almost) fulfill all customer requests with the right techniques, innovative styling products and professional tips. Because: we love curls.

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